Brad Balukjian, ph.d.

I am a former editor at ISLANDS Magazine and a former science reporter at the Los Angeles Times, and now write about science, sports, and other topics for National Geographic, Slate, Natural History, Smithsonian, Rolling Stone, and others. Below are some of my recent articles:

Science Articles:

"Why I am starting a college natural history program in 2018"  Bay Nature

"Why doesn't everyone believe humans are causing climate change?"  NOVA Next

"Don of the frogs"  Natural History

"Meet Madagascar's newly discovered huge rhombus frog"  Discover

"Breaking down the science of the stolen base"  Smithsonian

"The secret to dolphins' swimming speeds"  Discover

"The color ancient sea reptiles, deconstructed"  Discover

"Bone worm mating revealed" National Geographic

"Lost before they were found: mysterious extinctions in the South Pacific" Slate

"How Brachiosaurus (and brethren) became so gigantic"  Discover

"Hey sauropod, why the long neck and tail?"  The Huffington Post

"Empire of Insects," Part 1  Los Angeles Times

"Empire of Insects," Part 2  Los Angeles Times

"New Popeye fly species discovered in Tahiti"  Los Angeles Times

"Mosses lose their sex drive on islands"  Los Angeles Times

Buzz Aldrin Interview  Los Angeles Times

"New species of assassin bug found sniping in cave"  Los Angeles Times

"Daddy longlegs multiplies from 1 to 3 species"  Los Angeles Times

"Dinosaur had lots of teeth to spare"  Los Angeles Times

"Pesticides found in frogs far from crops"  Los Angeles Times

"New crypt-keeping beetle species discovered on Pacific island" Los Angeles Times

"Sharks use tail to kick tail"  Los Angeles Times

Sports Articles:

"Walk-Up Revolution"  Rolling Stone

"That time when Ansel Adams posed for a baseball trading card"  Smithsonian 

"Seahawks could have a leg up in game,"  Los Angeles Times

Physics of America's Cup boats,  Los Angeles Times

Miscellaneous Articles:

"Seven ways The Phantom Menace could be fixed,"  SF Weekly